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Spending and Progress Report

June 20th, 2023 at 01:06 am

Since my last entry I bought a birthday present for DIL ($63) and have now spent 80% of my variables budget. That's unusual before payday, but payday is a little late this month, coming on the 21st.

My son continues to make slow progress, but he is getting better. There is no hurry for him to get back to work because -- get this -- they have eliminated his position! It has nothing to do with his illness or with his performance in any way. It's a reorg thing. But the timing is terrible. He doesn't need this stress. Oh, I should be quick to say, he is not losing his employment; he has been promised that there will be a job for him, they just haven't figured out what it will be. And it probably won't be at the same level. It is a blow, but not a bad one, and right now he is more focused on regaining his health than he is on workplace drama.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet BFF in the middle city for lunch. I'm a little worried about the drive. There is going to be a NASCAR street race on Lake Shore Drive on July 1 & 2, and they are already closing lanes and streets in preparation. LSD is the route I always take, so I think I'm going to have to figure out another way. Hope Google Maps is up to date on street closings.

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