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August 7th, 2023 at 02:39 pm

Yesterday I went ahead and ordered the AC frame from Amazon, also some double-sided tape and weatherstripping. I also bought a professional-grade squeegee.  All because of window-washing and all the juggling around I have to do because of it. The screens and storms are now out, and the AC units sitting on the floor. Thank goodness it is not too hot, because I am sealed in here. And the washers have not even shown up yet.

I also threw in a phone grip, because I keep on accidentally turning off my phone.

Altogether I spent $78.

The storms are pretty dirty, so I will have to wash them myself. That's why I bought the squeegee. I've never had a good one.

In a few minutes, I will leave for the eye doctor's office. Hopefully, this won't be expensive!

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