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October Recap

October 31st, 2023 at 10:02 pm
Housing 769
Utilities 206
Car 188
Clothing 119
Furn/Equip/Décor 95
Gifts/Charity 67
Vacation/Travel 47
Medical/Health 45
Phone 38
Entertainment 37
Groceries 33
Eating Out/Takeout 28
Gas 25
Personal 20
Vet/Pet Supplies 16
Laundry 14
Fares/Parking 2
Grand Total 1749

It wasn't a big-spending month, though it felt like it at times. The last few weeks I really struggled to come in under 100% with my variables. I actually spent 102%, but I felt that was pretty good. There were no big ticket items this month, and that kept the grand total down.

The car and my wardrobe were most expensive this month. I had an oil change and also replaced several filters. In the clothing category, I bought some short dressy boots and a zip-up hoodie.

In the FED category, I logged the replacement battery for my cell phone. I wasn't sure where to put that, but in the end decided it was an equipment expense.

The gifts were Halloween candy and cards, and food that I took to a friend's funeral.

My grocery bill was so ridiculously low because family members of the man who died, who had traveled some distance for the funeral, had bought groceries to use during their stay here. They didn't use them all, and they gave the surplus to me. So I really didn't have to buy much.

This coming month I have three birthdays, and the second payment of my property tax. So, yeah, another challenging month.

2 Responses to “October Recap”

  1. Amber Says:

    Not bad, I’ll be crunching numbers this weekend

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Yes, next week will certainly be a big challenge, but you seem to always face those challenges and make it through. Sometimes it really amazes me.

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