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November 12th, 2023 at 07:52 pm

I've had a busy week. I drove down to Indiana to attend a birthday dinner for BFF, then spent another day and a half there. My costs for that little trip were $41 for gas and food. I also had to replenish my tollway pass ($40) and then my AARP subscription renewed ($16). While in Indiana, I went shopping with BFF at Goodwill, where I bought two pairs of jeans and some gift wrap for $18. After coming home, I sent $250 to my Oregon son for my granddaughter's birthday and college fund. (In a few days I'll do the same for one of my local grandsons). I've spent $10 on laundry so far this month, and $9 for a healthy lunch from Farmer's Fridge. And I spent $20 to sign up for a painting class at the community center. So.... I've spent 56% of my variables for the month, and it hasn't even been two weeks. Time to really slow it down.

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