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January Recap

January 31st, 2024 at 11:05 pm
Car 2496
Insurance 1335
Housing 784
Vacation/Travel 680
Gifts/Charity 251
Utilities 229
Fees & Services 40
Phone 39
Entertainment 38
Groceries 35
Gas 30
Medical/Health 29
Personal 28
Laundry 19
Clothing 13

Grand Total                  6046

It's a short list this month, but a big total.  With car repair, insurance and vacation costs all hitting this month, it packed a whallop. There were some wins -- the low grocery bill, NO eating out (except for what was counted in vacation), and the only clothing cost was for a pair of earrings (because I misplaced the pair I was planning to wear to the wedding).

I hope to keep costs down in February. 

A correction: I forgot to count $75 for a service call for my fridge. Household Repairs. So the correct total is 6121.

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