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March Recap

April 2nd, 2024 at 11:21 am
Home Repair/Maint. 1500
Housing 784
Fees & Services 394
Gifts/Charity 231
Utilities 230
Clothing 116
Groceries 100
Vacation/Travel 97
Household Supplies 76
Phone 49
Entertainment 31
Medical/Health 29
Laundry 16
Vet/Pet Supplies 12
Eating Out/Takeout 9
Furn/Equip/Décor 1

Grand Total                 3675

It's very rare that home improvement is at the top of the list, but this month I paid the down payment on having my shower/tub area refurbished. (This will actually happen tomorrow, when I will pay the balance).

Most of the fees/services spending was for the work permit.

Gifts included Easter "baskets", a sumptuous Easter dinner, and some charity.

Clothing -- mostly Goodwill finds, basic lounging stuff, also underwear, which was not Goodwill!

My travels included a trip to Michigan for a last-time visit with my good friend, and a trip to Indiana to see BFF's granddaughter's play.

Household supplies were water filters, sponges, dishwasher detergent and razor blades.

Everything else is self-explanatory.

It's been a weird few days. On Easter Sunday, as we were cleaning up after dinner, my neighbor knocked on the door to say that his sink was overflowing, and could we stop running water? He got a friend to look at the plumbing; he snaked the pipe, but still it was jammed. Yesterday a regular plumber was supposed to take a look. I have not heard the outcome. I have been washing dishes in the bathtub and bathroom sink. The dishwasher is jammed full of dirty dishes and I hope to be able to run it soon -- as soon as I get the all clear!

There is a possibility that the pipe will have to be replaced, which will probably be an expense that the three of us (me, my upstairs neighbor, and my downstairs neighbor) will have to take on. I am trying to be calm about this.

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  1. Carol B. Says:

    If you can find a person who has the equipment , they can snake the pipes all the way. A plumber referred me when I had it done.

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