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April 15th, 2024 at 07:52 pm

Well, April has been interesting so far. I got the shower rehab installed, and it's beautiful! What a difference! 

I've been talking to several plumbers, what with the install and the problem with my kitchen sink (all resolved, and no cost to me). I asked their advice about replacing my old flush valve toilet with a tank toilet, and they said no! The toilet works. It's ugly, granted, but they said it is better than anything I could get installed today. And it would be such a hassle to do it. So now I am concentrating on beautifying it. I have ordered a new toilet seat -- and what a journey that was! The old toilet is a non-standard size, but I finally figured out that it is the size of a marine toilet -- the type installed in boats -- and I could order a toilet seat made for that. I have yet to receive it, and I hope it will fit. It wasn't too expensive -- less than $30.

Now, because I don't have to replace the toilet, I don't have to tear out wall and floor tiles to accommodate a new one. (Yes, it would have called for that!) Suddenly, my bathroom rehab became a lot cheaper. The tile I have, while not gorgeous, is unmarred, and I will keep it. I still want to build a cabinet under the sink, where I can store things, and I want to replace the wood trim around the window. I also want to install an exhaust fan in the ceiling. That will be more expensive than it sounds like, because the building has rules about not installing anything that shows on the outside of the building. My electrician said it is possible to comply, but it will be more expensive than a normal installation. And then, after all is said and done, I want to paint the upper walls, and I want to replace the ceiling fixture with something -- well, less ugly.

So, I've paid the balance on the shower install, and I still have about $2K in my emergency fund, which is a relief. I have paid a handyman to remove a towel bar that was in the way of the shower install -- that was $65. That may sound high, but you wouldn't believe what it took to remove that thing. It was meant to stay there for the ages.

My normal spending has been in line. I've spent only $25 so far on groceries, but I used about $30 of credit on my UCard (a UnitedHealth benefit) to augment my supplies. Otherwise, just the normal spending on gas, bills, laundry etc.

I pulled something in my hip area, trying to do a yoga pose I should have known I couldn't do -- it's been bothering me something fierce for several weeks, so I'm seeing my doctor on Wednesday, hoping to get some answers, and relief.

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  1. Brunette Says:

    I'm so glad for you that you are happy with the new shower install! And that you are going to save some money and not have to make some repairs/updates that you thought you were going to.

    I hope you get some answers on your hip and that the pain goes away!

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