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Recent spending

October 16th, 2007 at 01:49 pm

In the past week, I've had photos processed ($5), bought a birthday gift for my sister ($24), ordered some pants for myself ($59), and paid my cell phone bill ($45).

The photos were pics of my grandson, which my daughter-in-law put on the Walgreens photo site. I picked out my favorites and had them printed. I really like this system. I get great photos quickly and they are only .19 a print. I don't have photo-printing capability on my computer, so this works great for me.

The birthday gift was two tops for the price of one at Penney's. They are summer tops, but have 3/4 length sleeves, and I chose autumnal colors -- moss green and salmon. So I am crossing my fingers that they won't seem like an unseasonal gift at the end of October.

The pants I ordered from LL Bean. I have a hard time finding pants to fit, being just a little too short and just a little too heavy for standard sizes. LL Bean sells stretch cordorouy pull-on pants in petite length for $29.50. I tried on my cousin's and they fit perfectly, so I ordered two pairs. They should get me through the winter, along with the jeans and khakis I already have.

Soon I am going to the vet for a consultation, so that will be another expense to add. I also need to buy a baby gift for my niece, who recently had her third son. So I'll probably get a Wal-Mart card -- I'm sure she doesn't need much!

So far this month, I have spent $259. Since I try to keep to down to $600, I am right on target!

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