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Too Clean?

February 24th, 2009 at 05:28 am

I gather from hints from my cousin and sister that I am considered "too clean." That is, they think I shower too often and wash clothes too often. There have been some comments about the water bill. Of course, that hits me where it hurts, because I am trying so hard to encourage frugal living among some pretty diehard spendthrifts.

I shower once a day, in the morning, and pretty quickly, too, I might add. I wear one fresh outfit a day and a fresh pair of pajamas each night. I know a lot of people wear the same pair of pajamas more often, but this is what is comfortable to me. Am I weird?

I'm a lot more lax on towels and sheets. I usually don't change sheets any more often than once a week, and sometimes will go closer to two weeks. I use the same towel for a week.

It just seems to be personal cleanliness that is most important to me, and I wouldn't like to change it. Just wondering how others weigh in on this issue?

9 Responses to “Too Clean?”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    I tend to wear clothes more than once provided they are not gym clothes- but to each their own. Weird your family has noticed this because I have never paid attention to how many times a person washes their clothes. Next time they hurt your feelings with this say "I would rather have a cleaning fault than be faulted with nosing into other peoples business."

  2. disneysteve Says:

    Why does anyone know how many times you wear something before washing it?

    We also change sheets about every other week. I only wear a shirt once before washing it but will wear pants more than once. I sleep in a t-shirt and will wear the same one for a few nights.

    Nobody would ever complain about our water bill. That is by far one of our smallest expenses. It runs about $40/month. Even if we made a conscious effort to trim water usage, it would only save us a few dollars.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    No, I don't think you are too clean. I do rewear some of my clothes, but tend to clean ones each day as well. I'm right in line with you on sheets and towels as well.

  4. momcents Says:

    You can never be too clean! Our laundry philosophies coincide. I like Gamecock's idea for a comeback.

  5. snoopycool Says:

    I'm sorry, but that seems ridiculous. How can you be too clean (unless there's an OCD issue, which does not sound like it to me)? Cleanliness is next to godliness!

  6. disneysteve Says:

    I think you can be "too clean" and there have been many studies suggesting that people's obsession with cleaning has increased the incidence of asthma, allergies, etc. Also, use of those hand sanitizers may increase the incidence of resistant organisms. But I don't think any of that applies to this scenario.

  7. whitestripe Says:

    how often do they shower??? i'm sorry but i would not go a day without showering. how could someone go to bed knowing they have not showered for a whole day??? ew.
    i only wear shirts once, and shorts maybe two times. jeans maybe four times. pajamas about two or three times.

  8. CB in the City Says:

    They are aware of how much I shower and wash clothes because we have all been together in a duplex for two weeks.

    It seems to me that they shower once every few days and they wear their clothes several days in a row. I don't mind, I just don't think I am too clean!

    As for the water bill, water is quite expensive in Florida, so I do understand that it shouldn't be wasted. I just don't think a daily shower is a waste!

  9. Aleta Says:

    Because Florida was in such a drought, we were incouraged to use our water sparingly. To try to do full wash loads, not just wash a few things and to use the dishwasher when you had a full load.

    Even I have been very cautious about not wasting water and now the restrictions aren't as stringent as they were then. That's the only other thought I can add to this.

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