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Coupons galore

February 7th, 2013 at 06:46 am

Yesterday there was a big stack of coupons in the break room -- $1 off 1 bowl of Campbell's microwaveable soup. Not something I ordinarily buy, but when there's a sale, and with a dollar off, I think it might be worthwhile. I grabbed a handful. The College is on some kind of list where they get these promotional freebies, and they always end up in my break room!

I did not spend anything yesterday. Which makes for a dull reporting day!

I haven't heard any more about the telecommuting idea (and I probably won't for a while). I did look into whether it would save me on transportation and the answer is, not so much. If I didn't get the monthly pass, I would have to buy 2 10-ride tickets per month to cover both legs of the journey for 10 days. That would be about $96 -- and I am only paying $105 for the monthly. And I certainly couldn't count on having to come in only ten days. Or I could forget the train and drive. A round trip is at least $8 in gas -- that's not counting wear and tear on the auto, nor the headache or the safety factor. Of course, over time, saving $25 each month would be significant, but once again, I couldn't count on only ten days.

It seems the monthly train pass is still the most comfortable option. And it's nice to have for trips into the city, or even to the other side of town.

And yes, I'm counting chickens before they hatch!

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