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Free Dinner

March 26th, 2013 at 06:36 am

Yesterday I was bummed because I deliberately did not pack a lunch, thinking I was going out to lunch. The planned lunch was really a 4PM Happy Hour. Well, I had oatmeal in my desk, so I ate that for lunch. Someone had brought in cheese and crackers, so I had a few of those. Then, when 4PM rolled around, I went to the bar, where I had a free dinner (surprise!) out of all the appetizers that had been ordered. As well as a free drink. I didn't know it would all be paid for, though I should have remembered that from other occasions.

So today I AM going out to lunch with my friend who is leaving. A sad occasion, but good for her, as she is taking a much better job at a big university.

I added $6 worth of Pine Cone payments to my snowflakes.

I realized that in my musings yesterday about food I had on hand, I forgot to count a couple of cups of frozen spaghetti sauce and some frozen ground beef with celery, pepper and onion, which I will use to make sloppy joes. So I really have a lot of food; I just have to concentrate on eating it up!

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