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The Heat Goes On

July 19th, 2013 at 06:36 am

I've been running at least one air conditioner all day since I got home from Florida (I'm alternating them to give them a break). Yesterday morning I blew a fuse because I turned on the hair dryer. Oops! Have to remember I just can't do anything extra without turning off the air conditioner. I imagine I will have an unpleasant electric bill this month. Forecasters are predicting cooler weather this weekend, and I sure hope it happens.

I did not get gas yesterday, as I had planned. Even after the full trip to work and back I still had more than half a tank, so it didn't seem the thing to do. I am sure I will have another opportunity to fill up in a cheaper locale.

But I did go to Goodwill to drop off my books, and I found the white capris I've been searching for for $5. I also spent $5 on gifts, toys, and Christmas decorations.

I also went to the grocery (in my work town) just to buy quarters, but they said they weren't giving change any more. I hope the same grocer in my home town is still providing quarters. I don't know what I'll do about laundry otherwise. I suppose banks will do it? I'll ask at the branch at the station tonight.

Even though I left town last night at about six pm, I still got stuck in traffic. There was construction on a main road I wish I had avoided, but once I was on it, I couldn't seem to get off. I hate the stop and go traffic, not only because it is frustrating, but it's such a poor use of gas.

On the plus side, I found a dime yesterday! I also spotted a penny on the train this morning, but we were "de-training" and I couldn't have picked it up without risking getting trampled. Every once in a while I just have to pass them up!

6 Responses to “The Heat Goes On”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Today in CT will be just like yesterday...95 with heat index over 100. But then Saturday it will dissipate somewhat, going to 90 degrees, and then Sunday and onward even better, with highs just in the mid-80s.

    I ran my ACs quite a bit, though have avoided it the last few days. Put the cats in basement and then left for part of the day for air-conditioned destinations.

    It's awful!

    I'm trying out a neck cooler now and it feels great around my neck. Wonder how long it will last....

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I think the cooler weather is coming. It is cloudy here in Iowa this morning with a nice breeze. Still warm, but better.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    Our forecasters say it will break tonight with storms and be much better by morning. I can't wait!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    I am hoping our heat leaves soon too.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Lincoln's been quite hot the past week or so too. Am so glad for the mall. Smile (walking of course!

  6. baselle Says:

    There are some coins I can't rescue. But they haunt me. Big Grin

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