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Net Worth Up

December 20th, 2013 at 07:26 am

Well, my net worth has increased modestly this year by about $5,500. I've had some big expenditures this year, too -- furniture, rugs, computer, and a big tax bite. Barring any emergencies, I expect next year to be better.

Starting in January I will challenge myself to limit non-bill spending to $350. I'll try to do it for 3 months. It should give me an idea of how well I will manage in my first four years of retirement.

After last night's party, I stopped on the way home for gas ($34) and at the grocery store, where I shopped not for food but presents. I bought some fortune cookies, gift cards, and a sticker book and spent $68. Tonight I'll spend about $50 on a tin of caramel nut popcorn. Then I'll be ready for tomorrow's gift opening. This is the gift opening among those of us who will not be together for Christmas Day, not the REAL one.

I'm supposed to bring something for tomorrow's dinner, but haven't gotten my assignment yet! So I hope it will be easy!

I learned that one of my gifts to one of my grandsons has been duplicated by his other grandma. I will keep the game at my house, and try to find something else for GS. Just a small gift, but I have no ideas yet. I still have a few days, though, till the REAL gift opening on Christmas morning.

The party last night was mostly fun. Loud. I couldn't hear what most people were saying. There was a ton of food and my apple pie was mostly ignored. So frustrating to pay a lot for something and see it go to waste! I guess it won't really go to waste, since someone will bring it in to put in the break room. But now I wish I'd brought something cheap.

This is my last day of work until the 31st (all hands on deck for end-of-the-year gift processing). I'm really looking forward to some relaxing days at home. I really need a rest!

4 Responses to “Net Worth Up”

  1. snafu Says:

    I don't think it's realistic to examine current discretionary spending as realistic against retirement costs. The major driver for much outgo relates to time constraints. While I'm sorry the $ 24. apple pie wasn't needed due to the abundance of food at last night's office party, you couldn't have known that in advance. If time were no object you could have made fancy fruit loaves of bread for about $ 2. a loaf or a gallon of quality antipasto for under $ 20.

    Do you think you would continue to buy a train pass as a retiree? I'm guessing you'd have breakfast at home, eliminating the coffee and muffin or lunch costs. There are not enough hours to make realistic meal plans and shop loss leaders. I know from working mostly at home, my wardrobe has changed dramatically.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Hmm, snafu does bring up a good point. You're really frugal by nature but your long commute and busy lifestyle forces you to spend more than you might if you had time to really be intentional and frugal full-time.

    However, if you COULD get your spending down to retirement levels in this busy time of your life, it would hopefully prove to be a snap in actual retirement. So an interesting experiment nonetheless!

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I won't count the train pass, or any work-induced expenses. But you're right that it still won't be a true test. Not only do my long hours affect my spending patterns, but I also get some perks at work -- like a lot of free food! This experiment will just give me rough idea. And hopefully will plump up my savings!

    No, I won't buy a monthly train pass as a retiree. I may buy 10-ride passes and use them sparingly. I can walk to many locations, and I have a son and a nephew to give me rides when I really need them. I'll use them sparingly, too. Smile

  4. SicilyYoder Says:

    I love caramel popcorn. Congrats on the increase.

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