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Library and More Sorbet

June 13th, 2017 at 12:16 pm

Yesterday I took the boys to the library, where I spent $2 on books from the book sale, and then we went to a frozen yogurt place where I spent $16 on yogurt and sorbet. Time to cut back on the treats; I've shot that category.

The library was having a demo of the "Libby" app, through which I can borrow ebooks and audiobooks. I think I will use it, especially for audiobooks, which I like to listen to while driving long distances. Except I don't know how to connect my phone to a speaker in my car. I have an old car. I wonder if that kind of technology is only available on a newer car. Anyone know how to make a phone "talk" in a car?

For the most part, though, I like to read physical books.

I got my $25 gift card from my new Barnes & Noble Mastercard. I was going to use it for a graduation gift, but decided instead to give it to DIL for her birthday. Actually, both my DIL's have birthdays this month, and I have to get on it.

Today the boys and I are going to the dollar movie, which will be the Batman Lego movie. I've already got the candy treats -- when I bought them for our last movie, we got a double set because of a BOGO offer.

Today is bagel day at Planet Fitness. I'm going to go do some strength training on my core and arms this morning before babysitting, but I may be too early for the bagel delivery. My DIL has to go to work at 8:30.

5 Responses to “Library and More Sorbet”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    We used these in our much older cars:
    Text is and Link is
    It's funny because I bought one of these for a CD player when I was in high school (or college?), but still very useful even decades later. The electronics that we plug them into have evolved, but old cars with cassette players are still the same.

    Don't remember what my husband did in his last car, but I think he upgraded the stereo. If your car isn't quite that old, look up "FM Transmitter" on Amazon.

  2. Carol Says:

    I am a regular babysitter for my grands too. Instead of expensive trips out ( which are fun, for sure), I try to get healthy grocery store treats, for instance, my grandson loves plums. So I make it , " oh, look what I have for you! " Cheaper. And his parents ( me too) like less sugar.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Thank you, MM, but my car has a CD player, not a cassette player, so I'm not sure what my options are.

    Carol, I can only imagine what my grandsons would do if I offered a plum! But I will try and think of healthy foods they do like -- surely there must be something????? Smile

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    CB, you can use an FM Transmitter.

  5. CB in the City Says:

    Thanks, MM! I'll get my son to help set me up! Sorry I didn't quite catch it before!

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