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Getting Ready for Yard Sale

October 11th, 2018 at 05:54 am

Today I'm going to be carting boxes to my car, and I'll leave early in the morning to head to Indiana and start getting my yard sale set up. It has turned cold! I hope that doesn't scare away people! We will bundle up and get through it.

I'm also running a load of laundry.

Later today I'm going to stop at the library to return books and check out an audiobook, and then at the bank to cash a $20 bill into ones. I've got my change all ready -- $12 worth to get started.

I still have to create a Craigslist ad, but my hope is that we will get a lot of drive-by traffic, also.

I did not spend anything yesterday.

I got some free treats in the mail yesterday -- products to try out for Pine Cone.

I got a payment from one of my mystery shop companies -- $18 in fees. Also some reimbursements, but I don't count those as income, as that money already bought stuff. I'm expecting a payment from another company in about 10 days.

So far, I'm getting through gap year okay!

1 Responses to “Getting Ready for Yard Sale”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Yay as for getting through the gap year. Hope you do well at your garage sale!

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