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January 31st, 2023 at 12:31 am

I did my taxes yesterday. I owe nothing to federal, and I'm getting nothing back. I'm getting a $262 refund from the state, because they withheld that amount from my RMD's.

It was pretty easy. Retirement has certainly simplified tax time. For me, anyway.

I will have four grocery shopping days in February, starting on Wednesday. That means $25 a trip.

I have one birthday in February, and I'll be getting an oil change, which may generate some car repair costs. Also, according to last year's schedule, I will be paying property tax, my first semi-annual payment. I just paid property tax in December, so it seems too soon, but no doubt they will be johnny-on-the-spot this time.

I have had some medical expenses -- appointments and tests -- which I haven't been billed for yet. I'm sure they will appear soon. Speaking of medical, I will be renewing a prescription next week, too.

Because my spending has been low this month, I am planning to transfer $1000 into my emergency fund tomorrow, unless there is a big surprise. I love frugal January! It looks like February won't be quite as frugal.

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